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**2/10/02: We will be closed temporarily due to smoke damage caused by a fire at a neighboring store. We will reopen as soon as the smoke damage is fixed and damaged merchandise is replaced.**

**Gift certificates are valid for one year after date of issuance, and may be used at either the Evansville or Owensboro store, as well as for online orders.**

**We are no longer accepting consignment merchandise for sale in-store. You may, however, feel free to place ads for merchandise on the corkboards in the store.**

**Gaming will be suspended until the Owensboro move is completed.**

DragonBall Z Cell Saga Decks and Boosters now in stock!

Warhammer CCG Decks and Boosters now in stock!

M1A1 Abrams RC Tank now in stock! Only $99.99 RTR (plus tax)!!

Mage Knight Dungeon booster packs now in stock!

The move continues, but should be done within the next week in Owensboro. The new location is open for business, though--just a bit disorganized at the moment. Once things are ready, we will begin gaming again on Saturdays. To start, we'll be doing Magic: The Gathering and Mage Knight Tournaments on alternating Saturdays. If demands is high enough, we'll have M: TG tourneys on one weekend day, and MK tourneys on the other (gaming on both Saturday and Sunday each week). We also will begin the task of restocking once we've gotten everything together at the new location. Again, we really appreciate your patience over the past 6 months---no one expected the move to take anywhere near this long, but it looks like the end is finally in sight.

As many of you in the Evansville area already know, the Evansville store is no longer open. This is a temporary situation, however, and as soon as we have found a suitable new location, we will be back for the long haul---fully stocked and ready for business. Also, the Owensboro store should be moved into its new location (still at Wesleyan Park Plaza) by the end of January.

New CCGS: Harry Potter starter decks and boosters; Lord of the Rings starter decks and boosters; Warlord Battleboxes.

The Lord of the Rings miniatures game is now in-store! Boxed sets and blister packs available now.

Dungeons & Dragons Chainmail miniatures are now in-store---both boxed sets and singles.

Mage Knight Whirlwind minis are in-stock, as well as dragons and chariots. We expect the Dungeon expansion to arrive within the next 2-3 weeks.

InAir diecast military aircraft have arrived---from the B-57 Bomber to the Blue Angels, we have a huge selection of diecast aircraft, the perfect size for stocking stuffers (prices start at $3.00).

Animated Apache helicopter models have arrived--only $25! They use a remote control system to animate the rotors & blades, and cause the aircraft to "glide" forward and backwards (model does not fly). Stationary models also available.

Mage Knight collectible cards are here!

Magic: The Gathering Odyssey decks and boosters are here!

Walthers' new 2002 HO catalogue is in-store now, although we are still waiting on the Big Trains and Small-scale 2002 catalogues.

Owensboro's new location is getting closer to opening--has passed all inspections, and is receiving the finishing touches before fixtures and stock are moved in.

Merchandise shipments subsided to a trickle last month due to the effects on the airline industry of the tragic attacks of September 11th. However, we are expecting our distributors to have themselves restocked very soon, which will enable us to start getting stock in again on a timely basis. As always, filling special orders and back orders are top priority, but store stock will be increasing each week as well.

One of our AWOL plastics men has returned to the Evansville store--Danny is back, and can be found working on military aircraft (and a HUGE model restock order) Monday-Friday. Unfortunately for us, one of our radio control men has left---Andy finally got called up by the electricians' union (and we are happy for him), leaving Ryan as our only "rc guy" in Evansville.

We are working with Wildcat fuel to get another shipment in both stores as soon as possible. They seem to have lost our account information, so please be patient.

**Radio Control Boat Racing Saturday & Sunday, September 22-23 on the lake behind Hampton Inn, Evansville, Indiana (8000 Eagle Crest Blvd., just off the Lloyd Expwy between Burkhardt Rd. & I-164).**

Both stores will be closed on Monday, September 3rd, for Labor Day.

Merchandise and special orders continue to trickle into both stores each week as distributors re-open accounts under our new name. It's a slow process, but the stores are being re-stocked. We appreciate your patience and understanding during the long switch-over!

The Owensboro store is still in the process of moving into a larger location at Wesleyan Park Plaza (just around the corner from the current store). Renovation of the new space is taking a bit longer than expected, but we hope to be completely moved by the middle to end of this month. Finally!

AUGUST 2001:
Finally got the green light from various of our distributors to start ordering again! Also finally got a banner up so people know we really haven't closed our doors. Merchandise will be coming in slowly at first, but both stores should be back up to normal (as in full to brimming) by Thanksgiving.

Stll renovating & remodelling the new location for Owensboro.

JULY 2001:
Still waiting for all our various distributors to re-open accounts for us under our new name.

Beginning the total renovation of the new location for the Owensboro store---used to be a tobacconist's shop, so there is a whole lot of work to be done before we can move in. It looks like it'll be an excellent move though--much larger, and both a gaming/class area and a storage area in the back.

JUNE 2001:
We have gone independent! We are now "Hometown Hobbies" instead of "HobbyTown USA", although the stock will basically remain the same. On the up side, we can utilize many more distributors, rather than only HT- approved people. This means that we should be able to have a greater diversity of items, and that we should be able to carry things we couldn't before. Of course, we can also spend what we would have used for the franchise fee on merchandise---lots of merchandise! On the down side, we have to close all our current accounts, and re-open new ones under the new name. This means no stock or orders coming in until the new accounts are opened. Hope it doesn't take too long.

The Owensboro store is going to be moving to a location right around the corner from where it is now---still at Wesleyan Park Plaza, though. Looks like a good move, although it might take a while.